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Echo Valley Golf Club Reviews

My husband and I try to expose our kids to as many experiences as possible. Sometimes they like it and sometimes they don’t.

On Sunday Sept. 13th on our Son’s 16th birthday, we decided to expose our kids to the game of golf at Echo Valley in Wellington. It was Sunday afternoon during the Brown’s game so very few people were golfing which is why we chose that time of day.

We told Kendill, the cashier, that there would be five people with only four golfing and we also rented a golf cart. At the second hole, Kendall asked us not to allow anyone to ride on the outside of the cart. We apologized and it didn’t happen again. On the fifth hole, we were only going to golf nine holes; she approached my husband, swore at him in front of my son and said someone complained about a kid riding on the outside of the cart. We assured her that nobody was riding on the outside but my son held onto the hole at the top of the cart and walked beside it. She then started screaming at us because we were out for almost two hours. We explained to her that three of the four golfers had never golfed before and we didn’t know there was a time limit. She said, “Well Echo Valley isn’t a good course for new golfers.” I asked if I missed the posting that mentioned a time limit and she said, “No but I’m going to write one.” She asked us to leave and she also said she would give us a refund. Also unbeknownst to her, we had to take a 20 minute break at the second hole as our son went into the woods to get sick. In the two hours we were out, we only saw two golf carts and they were at least three holes ahead of us.

As we were returning our cart Kendall’s dad was standing by the door with his hands on his hips like he was looking for a fight. He immediately started shouting about us having two golf bags with four golfers; we had four sets of clubs in two bags,cheap Christian Louboutin,cheap michael kors bags Halloween Decorating Ideas Spiders and Bats. He also shouted about me being on the course and not golfing. But the cashier knew that.

Kendall’s profanity was very unprofessional and unnecessary. As was her dad’s shouting at us and threatening us,Christian Louboutin Shoes medical,

Golly we always thought golf was supposed to be fun,cheap rayban sunglasses due to highly effective marketing. We weren’t bothering anyone. We were laughing and having a good time but there wasn’t anyone around that our laughing would have bothered. We were courteous to the one golfer who was behind us at the third hole as we let him go ahead of us because we knew we would take awhile.

I guess our kid’s first experience with golfing ended badly and we won’t be doing that again; at least not at that place,

And the real kicker, we never did get our refund; Kendill lied to us. We will never golf at echo valley again and would suggest that nobody waste their time there especially if you are a new golfer.